Looking for a development partner for your tech startup? Let’s talk. We know how to turn your idea into reality and avoid common early-stage mistakes. Our experience, knowledge, insights and vision let us create prototypes fast, choose technological stack wisely and build perfectly scalable systems. What’s more, we are well aware of your needs, because we are almost like you, and it puts us above the rest of the market.

our approach

We like startups because they provide us with an opportunity to create something cool and game-changing. You’ve got a good idea but don’t know how to execute it technically? We have a wealth of experience and understanding of what to do and how to do it. Let’s get in touch.

Well-Educated and Open-Minded Staff

We are not only well-educated, but also inquisitive. Instead of relying on our past experience, we are constantly expanding our horizons, learning new skills and keeping an eye on new trends and ideas.

Proficienсy With the Financial Side

True success isn’t only about making money, but we’re sure you wouldn’t mind raising some cash. We know how to monetize your app, services or content and build a successful business.


Nine out of ten startups fail because of growing pains. We take your prospects and dreams into account from the very beginning and build systems that enable your company to scale fast enough and stay afloat.

Smart Technology Choice

We stay aware of the latest software development trends and think thoroughly about which of them are production ready. We always plan ahead and choose the most applicable tools and techniques.


Making a startup is about the journey, not a destination. Sometimes the development process opens the door for groundbreaking opportunities and new prospects. We give you all the information about these opportunities, which lets you manage your resources much more effectively.

Direct communication

You can work either directly with our development team or with a team leader, whichever suits you best. We are always available, respond in time and communicate with you every step of the way.


We’re proud of our client portfolio. We work with some of the biggest names in the business as well as with many ambitious start-up companies.

some facts



was raised by a client who spent only $15K for a prototype


we created apps capable of processing data coming from thousands sensors every second


were made by our team at the same time


with whom we’ve done a second project.


willing to be public references

team members

with development and design expertise
The mine
A great example of bringing IT into industrial area
Doctor with tablet
A life-changing app
telephone in hand
Task management system in the restaurant industry. 
telephone in hand
Food ordering app that makes life easier (and profitable for food stores)