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People come to .wrk for quality web/mobile development, but always note our workflow and communication too.

Get development services for startups, step 1

1. Everything starts with your idea.

Let us know about your needs and pains now so we could find the best solution for your particular web development project.
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Get development services for startups, step 2

2. We conduct a discovery phase,

during which our analyst collects your requirements to offer you a solution that will make your website stand out
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3. After the scope of work is set,

we present you a detailed development plan, split into milestones with our estimates and fixed price.
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4. During development,

we are always in touch with you. You may select any report form and frequency you find convenient to make sure where we are at the moment.
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5. Before the release,

the website undergoes QA. We make sure that your project is bug-free so you can launch it without any pain.
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6. After the release,

we are always here for the support and maintenance of your site, either as retainers or request-based contractors.

Technologies, Services and Tools we use

When choosing a tech stack for your project, we put our preferences aside and think about what’s best for the future.

  • Frontend Frameworks (React, Angular, Vue)

  • JavaScript Enhancements (TypeScript, ESlint, webpack, Prettier, JSS)

  • BaaS/Serverless Computing (Firebase, Amazon Lambda, Google Cloud Functions)

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

  • Modern Styling (Sass, Component based styling)

  • Data visualisation (Tree.js, D3.js, Chart.js/Highcharts/amCharts, Pure Canvas)

We provide our services with the best developers of .wrk team

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Our biggest strength is our developers - talented, experienced and pleasant

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Our work reviews

John Sequiera, Platfrom Lead, Iterative Scopes
John Sequiera
Platfrom Lead, Iterative Scopes
Developer and project manager together provided both the best solution but also the best communication and relationship management. We were able to run weekly Skype meetings reviewing our punch list managed in Trello. The workflow was very fluid and the developer was able to keep us up to date by logging work on tickets we set up. The initial developer was reassigned to another project, but I had plenty of notice and the replacement developer was excellent. The new cloud-based data pipeline replaced an on-premise pipeline that was much slower and more difficult to debug. We've seen data transfer time drop from 40 minutes down to under 10 using the new API, and everything is logged and monitored using first class AWS observability tooling. Throughout the many projects I have worked on with .wrk, their project managers have been consistently engaged with both keeping my apprised of resource issues, but also helping me add resources when project needs arose. I've worked and still working with many talented developers as a result, who have not just done what I asked but done more working.

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