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Dedicated development team from .wrk is able to meet your needs in experienced developers to complement existing teams or create something from scratch. Outsource one or few technical specialists with background in the technologies you need.

Dedicated development team - a service, composed in a way to suit you exactly as needed

We’ve been extending existing dedicated teams and composing ours for many years

so we know how important it is to properly define and fully understand clients needs. To adjust perfectly, we employed a flexible approach to the team composition, methodology and tech stack to provide resources based on the project’s needs.

For example, for small projects, we sometimes recommend one specialist

both as a developer and as a QA. Or vice versa, if the solution is complex, we provide senior developers to take on the role of a system architect, alongside coding specialists. Tell us about your project and we will offer you a fitting team with CVs, start dates and pricing.

Hire dedicated development team

Benefits of dedicated development team

We always put the needs of your project in the first place when creating our personal approach to work on it.

Flexible team composition

Front-end, back-end, full-stack or mobile developers, system architects, release managers\DevOps, QA specialists and Project Managers are ready to work on your project

Convenient conditions

Hire people for full-time engagement or part-time support and maintenance - whatever you require at the moment

We speak your language

We establish effective and transparent communication and process with everyone: CTO, CIO, product owners, content creators, designers and so on

Educated & Open-Minded

While our past experience gives us a deep understanding and proficiency in many technologies, we are constantly expanding our horizons and learning new skills

Effective communication

We are always available, respond in time and communicate with you every step of the way

Extra guarantees

.wrk is 100% transparent from a legal point of view, so any financial matters are straightforward and legal responsibilities are easy to enforce

.wrk ― web developers who will reinforce your team

1. Tell us

about your needs and pains
Contact us

2. After thorough analysis,

we provide you a number of candidates for consideration

3. Weigh up the CVs,

conduct the interviews to find the best fit to work with

4. Sort out terms of our cooperation,

so we could work on the project as you wish

5. Finally, start working by hiring dedicated development team

and forgetting about the pains and struggles you had without us

Why choose our team of dedicated developers?

Many people already enjoyed the services our hired dedicated developers provide. Below are some of the testimonials of our long-time partners.

John Sequiera
Platfrom Lead, Iterative Scopes
Developer and project manager together provided both the best solution but also the best communication and relationship management. We were able to run weekly Skype meetings reviewing our punch list managed in Trello. The workflow was very fluid and the developer was able to keep us up to date by logging work on tickets we set up. The initial developer was reassigned to another project, but I had plenty of notice and the replacement developer was excellent. The new cloud-based data pipeline replaced an on-premise pipeline that was much slower and more difficult to debug. We've seen data transfer time drop from 40 minutes down to under 10 using the new API, and everything is logged and monitored using first class AWS observability tooling. Throughout the many projects I have worked on with .wrk, their project managers have been consistently engaged with both keeping my apprised of resource issues, but also helping me add resources when project needs arose. I've worked and still working with many talented developers as a result, who have not just done what I asked but done more working.

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Over the past 10 years, we’ve solved complicated tasks, implemented unorthodox solutions and made our customers' dreams come true.:

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