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АЕМ web development is great choice for big digital projects.

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Module-based structure is perfect for tailoring products for customers needs, minimizing risks and expenses when developing from scratch

User friendly

AEM is convenient for those who manage loads of content on a daily basis due to its lots of modules and templates
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AEM is part of Adobe Experience Cloud and can easily be integrated with other products by Adobe (Analytics, Target and so on)
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Ideal for organizing the workflow of big and, sometimes, distributed teams as it offers centralized data storage and creative dashboards
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AEM is a stable, secure and reliable solution for organizations, needing extra in regards to confidentiality and data protection
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AEM is not just a flexible but also a contemporary solution for nowadays products as it’s being supported and regularly updated.

AEM development services

AEM from scratch

AEM from scratch

Make your dreams come true by using AEM development agency for your project. We’ll accompany you through all stages of:

  • Thorough discovery phase
  • System design
  • Site creation - with existing or custom written modules
  • Third party services integration
  • Documentation and guidelines for owners and editors
Optimization and integrations

Optimization and integrations

Integration with third-party platforms and services is very important for companies, who already had their own infrastructure before they ordered AEM web development

  • Integration of existing AEM site with 3rd party services or implementing OSGi module and\or AEM components.
  • Integration with external applications such as Hybris, SAP, Salesforce, Mailchimp, analytics systems and search engines


Every year, Adobe releases new versions of AEM, more stable and rich with possibilities. It is recommended to keep your CQ/AEM fresh or at least update it once in a while. While updating your AEM version, we:

  • Conduct a thorough code review to note all the incompatibilities
  • Update templates and components
  • Update interactions
  • Migrate the content
CMS migration

CMS migration

Transitioning your site from other CMS to Adobe AEM requires the following:

  • Business and system analysis of existing website
  • Creating new solutions’ architecture and design
  • Splitting the pages into components and templates
  • Work on the architecture and creare necessary templates for each page
  • Migrate the content and databases

.wrk are AEM experts since 2011

Over the past 10 years we have been involved in more than 180 projects related to web development.

.wrk team has experienced AEM developers with knowledge of other technologies as well! Hire your AEM experts here and create, update and maintain your content-rich AEM resource.

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Our AEM development team can come up with any the solution for any task

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Why choose our AEM web development team?

John Sequiera, Platfrom Lead, Iterative Scopes
John Sequiera
Platfrom Lead, Iterative Scopes
Developer and project manager together provided both the best solution but also the best communication and relationship management. We were able to run weekly Skype meetings reviewing our punch list managed in Trello. The workflow was very fluid and the developer was able to keep us up to date by logging work on tickets we set up. The initial developer was reassigned to another project, but I had plenty of notice and the replacement developer was excellent. The new cloud-based data pipeline replaced an on-premise pipeline that was much slower and more difficult to debug. We've seen data transfer time drop from 40 minutes down to under 10 using the new API, and everything is logged and monitored using first class AWS observability tooling. Throughout the many projects I have worked on with .wrk, their project managers have been consistently engaged with both keeping my apprised of resource issues, but also helping me add resources when project needs arose. I've worked and still working with many talented developers as a result, who have not just done what I asked but done more working.

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