We are a team of well-educated and skilled people. Most of us are alumni of Novosibirsk State University, one of the top universities in Russia. Since 2011 we’ve established a strong presence in the global market and expanded it. We live and work in Siberia, and Siberia is a state of mind. It’s a land of blizzards, spaces without horizons, real heroes and great deeds. One needs a flaming heart and a cool head to survive the 8 months of winter, as well as a certain amount of perseverance and energy. This is what we definitely have got and everything we do reflects it in a certain way. We are strong, honest and hardworking specialists with a can-do spirit. We focus extensively on company culture and business ethics. This isn’t about yoga classes and table hockey (though we are comfortable with these perks), this is about support, transparency and communication. We train and inspire our team members, encourage them to grow and produce results for the business.
Aleksandr Gurov
Margarita Maskileyson
Victoria Shaduro
Account/ Junior PM
Konstantin Biryukov
Sales manager
Ivan Strygin
Head of web department
Bazhen Rzheutskiy
Head of web and mobile department
Sergey Vasiunin
Konstantin Gusev
Web developer
Oleg Dyachenko
Web developer
Veniamin Lopatin
Web developer
Andrey Skrynko
Web developer
Artem Shelkov
Web developer
Olga Kiriliuk
Web developer
Elena Ryabinkina
UI/UX Designer
Anastasia Sentyaeva
QA Engineer
Andrey Lyulin
Web developer
Anton Malyukov
Web developer
Stepan Skvortsov
Web developer
Andrey Altuhov
Web developer
Eugene Chalenko
Web developer
Anton Chekantsev
Web developer
Aleksandr Kucherov
Web developer
Vladislav Chernenko
Web developer
Dima Kirichenko
Alisa Novikova
Product Manager
Arjun Nikolaev
Web developer
Dmitriy Bragin
Web developer
Marina Zdorovtsova
Office Manager
Mike Sizov
Software Engineer
Leonid Esin
Web developer