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The history of our relations with the company has more than 5 years. Our developers began with the implementation of simple video player functions in 2012th. by that time had been visited by 100K unique users per month. Now these sites are visited by 1.3 million unique visitors per month. Development teams were changed twice during the increase of these businesses, however, our developers always have been remained on the project and now occupy leading positions in the development. By the way about the teams: the number of developers of this project has never exceeded five persons. This fact once again proves that serious projects are being made by small groups of high-class specialists (such as us, of course)

Our programmers have been doing many interesting things on this project for 5 years:
 - header bidding implementation
 - Ads targeting
 - Once we migrated 1.5 million articles from one version of the site to another.
 - We wrote administrative pages for over 75 content editors.

It should be noted that such high-loaded projects are interesting because programming there goes far beyond the core technology: in addition to the site's functionality different systems such as caching systems, CDN, load balancing systems, backup systems, continuous integration systems, and automated alerting systems have particular importance.