Scholastic Storyworks Jr.
Classroom multigenre reading resource

Scholastic is an undisputed world leader in bringing books and educational materials of the highest quality to children and teachers in over 150 countries around the world. We are proud to say that we have been working with Scholastic since 2013, adjusting our team to their needs and now we are a part of the core team. We have had a chance to work on multiple Scholastic projects but the one that we are proudest of is definitely Storyworks Jr -

Storyworks Jr. is a powerful language-arts resource. It is produced by the same award-winning team that has created Storyworks for more than 20 years, the English Language Acquisition (ELA) resource.

The essence of the site: monthly editors (there are about 12 of them) create a new issue, that contains several stories. Students are offered a kind of activity and quizzes for each story, and the stories themselves can contain content of almost any type: video, audio, pictures. Teachers can get access to the content by subscription service. Teachers can save chosen stories to their personalized pages to then use them in their work.

We have implemented the aforementioned functionality and designs provided by Scholastic from scratch.  Our main technology of choice was Drupal 7 accompanied by 3rd party subscription and newsletter distribution services. The project is located in the cloud infrastructure of Acquia and is supplied by us in the continuous integration model. 

It's worth saying that Storywork Jr is only one of the sites we have created for Scholastic. By creating each subsequent website, we supplement the collection of ready-made solutions in the form of a template assembly designed specifically for this company, which speeds up the development process and makes Scholastic love us more and more.

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