Feed my tum
Food ordering app

Feed MY Tum is a mobile ordering app for stores that lets customers pre-order & prepay with food through it. It's the perfect for cafes, takeaway foods, bars & restaurants.
The process of working with the application is as described below: the client downloads an application and a specific restaurant and can make a meal order through the application. The administrator of the store receives all the information about the order and can prepare for its fulfillment even before the client appears in the restaurant. So customers can get what they want faster, and the restaurant gets the opportunity to attract more clients. Payment can be made either in cash at the restaurant or through the application.

Our company developed iOS, Android Apps and backend service for it using C# .Net.

Inside, for restaurants, there are many reports on purchases, with the ability to download this data into popular CRM. The product evaluation system allows you to receive feedback from customers about all products. The application helps to notify restaurant customers about special promotions and events and is essentially a new channel of attraction and communication with its consumer.

The coolest feature of this application we find the opportunity for restaurants to create their own applications with their unique design and settings.