Health Care app
Life-changing technologies

This project is a great example of life-changing technologies in daily graft. With the development of Big Data techs in medicine data gathering and storage have become one of the most important goals: it needs to be in as convenient and manageable way as possible. And mobile apps provide us a possibility to do it.

This application allows users to create pain reports in a manner as if they would describe their сomplaints to a doctor. Having this kind of reports helps a real doctor a lot in establishing diagnosis and as a result leads to improvement of the quality of life. Easy as a pie.  

The project consists of a mobile application, two front-end applications written on AngularJS, and a backend which provides an API for the applications.
Our duty is server side infrastructure for Android app which records, tracks, analyzes and provides reports about chronic pain.
We took the project when it was already in production. Main requirements are implementation of new features, bug fixes, improving/refactoring existing infrastructure.
The project is on Drupal 6 with quite a lot of custom solutions in non-Drupal way. Jenkins is used for deployment.

The project is going strong with 4.3 rating on Google Play for the paid version.